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Physiotherapy is a field of rehabilitation in which the physical and functional condition of a person is evaluated and various active and passive methods of treatment are used to improve it.

„Medsport” physiotherapy branch at the Krasta Sporta Centrs is a place for adults and children alike to regain strength, improve health, and take care of their body and mind. We offer consultations with highly qualified specialists, a wide range of physiotherapy procedures, a wide range of massages, as well as individual and group classes.

At „Medsport” Physical Therapy we welcome everyone who needs post-traumatic rehabilitation, those who care about their body, their spirit and want to improve their health, those who are active in their daily routine, and professional athletes who want to achieve even better results.

We believe that a healthy and athletic lifestyle improves physical well-being, increases work capacity and energy, and helps us achieve goals. We will be proud to be your trusted assistant in your development!

The core value of our center is an individual approach to each client's needs!

Enquiries and booking an appointment at Medsport branch at Krasta Sporta Centrs: +371 28984855