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    • Badminton at KRASTA SPORTA CENTRS

      Good news for badminton players!

      At Krasta Sporta Centrs, in collaboration with Latvian Badminton Federation, now has 2 badminton courts installed.

      Untill the end of May, the introductory price is 8.00 euro/hour.

      From 01.06.2020.:

      • one-time visit: 12.00 euro/h
      • membership: 10.00 euro/h
      • premium membership: 8.00 euro/h

      Membership - reserved and paid up time, at least 1 hour per week, at least 4 weeks in a row.
      Premium membership - reserved and paid up time, at least 10 hours per week, at least 4 weeks in a row.

      Price includes:

      • Gym
      • 4 running lanes 80m
      • warm-up zone - a zone for group classes
      • Sauna and steam bath (not available until the end of the emergency)

  • Krasta Sporta Centrs is a new multifunctional sports complex located in Riga, Krasta 68b.


    The complex,with a total area of more than 4500m2, includes:
    4 indoor tennis courts - hard surface, Plexicushion Prestige - same as the Australian Open tournament;
    4 running lanes of 80m;
    warm-up zone - a zone for group classes; table tennis
    spacious locker rooms plus a separate children's locker room;
    2 saunas - sauna and Turkish bath.

    We invite everyone to try out our new courts - sauna, gym, running area and a warm-up area included in the reservation price of the court! Dont waste your time on court to do warm ups - come earlier - enjoy our spacious facilities - gym, runways, tennis training wall for your warmups!
    Our qualified coaches will help the beginners and children to master the skills of playing tennis, as well as help to increase the level of playing tennis to advanced tennis players.

    Join us!